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  • No matter what the circumstance Gina’s approach helped me with posing and lighting every type of portrait. I’m truly grateful for everything I learned from her and use this knowledge every time I pick up my camera.
    Dustin Cantrell
  • "Not only does Gina demonstrate the importance of technically producing sound images, her ability to relate to people was exceptional, allowing me to realise how crucial such methods are to running a photographic business. I am extremely grateful to Gina for her positive outlook and providing me with the confidence to take further steps in my career."
    Jayme Saleem
  • "I was moving from web design into becoming a headshot and portrait photographer. The most valuable part of learning from Gina was watching how she operates. It’s all about the interaction and soft skills. She has a talent for working with people she has never met before. The experience vastly improved my confidence to keep evolving professionally and to work harder than ever."
    Dale Harper
  • "Before I discovered Gina Milicia I was pretty much taking really crap photos and crossing my fingers! Which was terrible as I’m an artist, and often a good photo is the only way for someone to get close to my artwork. Since putting Gina’s tips to practice I’ve been more confident with my photography and sending my pics to press for editorials. I love her fun, practical approach to teaching too, it makes learning actually exciting!"
    Joi Murugavell
  • "I learnt the rules for taking better-than-good pics, but at the same time, to experiment and dare to be different. I learnt to look at a subject and frame it in a number of ways, visualising the finished product and imagining what it could be. "The most valuable part of the experience was learning that if you want to be a better-than-average photographer you cannot be shy (or even just a little daring), you have to be confident in your own ability, and a touch of ‘crazy’ can sometimes be a big help. Gina is well qualified to teach all those things. It changed my approach completely. I now see excellent subjects I have never noticed before. I can now produce pics that tell their own story and enhance everything I write."
    Roger Plastow
  • Gina knows how to make one feel comfortable and at ease in order to capture the essence of a great portrait. It is poetry in motion. The choreography is magic to watch, Gina's skills and technique (as well as her monologues - her comic timing is genius) will remain essential in my routine, always.
    Kaily Koutsogiannis



Chennai, India
“As you grow older, you will discover that you have two hands, one for helping yourself, the other for helping others.” Fuji x100f +Godox AD200 and @garyfong Lightsphere
Ep 252 is out!
This week @valeriekhoo and I discuss techniques you can use to take more meaningful, authentic and memorable photos.
A great portrait is so much more than nailing the lighting and focus. If you want to take your portraits next level then you want your images to have the x-factor or soul. The stuff nobody really talks about much.
How many images have you seen once and still think about years later? Why is that?
I can guarantee it had nothing to do with the lighting, pose or model.
Some of the topics discussed include
* Remember that one size doesn’t fit all.
* Photograph the person, not the style
* Find a background that supports what you are trying to say
* Light in a style that flatters or brings out the features of the person you are photographing
* Pose the person in a way that suits their body type and personality.
* Learn the art of natural posting and give your model the confidence to “own’ the pose
* Learn the art of posing different body types
* inauthentic poses
* Keep poses simple
* Learn to read non-verbal cues
* Matching energy
* Master one go-to set up you can do confidently as a starting point.
* Be decisive and confident.
* Connect and be authentic, talk open up be authentic
* Watch out for the moments between frames
* Learn how to get rid of photo face

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