May 2020

Get inspired by the work of Mary Ellen Mark

“I just think it’s important to be direct and honest with people about why you’re photographing them and what you’re doing. After all, you are taking some of their soul.” – Mary Ellen Mark

Photographer Mary Ellen Mark is one of the most respected and influential image-makers of our time.  Her work photographing diverse cultures across the globe has become iconic in the field of documentary photography and portraiture. Mark has received a Cornell Capa Award, the Infinity Award for Journalism, the Photographer of the Year Award from the Friends of Photography; the World Press Award for Outstanding Body of Work Throughout the Years; the Victor Hasselblad Cover Award; two Robert F. Kennedy Awards, a Guggenheim Fellowship, and three National Endowment for the Arts awards. Her photo essays and portraits have exhibited globally, featured in such publications as LIFE, New York Times Magazine, The New Yorker, Rolling Stone, and Vanity Fair, and published in eighteen books. In addition, Mark has photographed advertising campaigns for Barnes and Noble, British Levis, Coach Bags, Eileen Fisher, Hasselblad, Heineken, Keds, Mass Mutual, Nissan, and Patek Philippe.


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How much are your photos worth?
How much are your photos worth?

Above: Image by Gina Milicia

Have you ever stopped to calculate how much your photos are worth?

I did a quick calculation of some of my faves over the years and did the maths…

Divide by four, carry the three, add a zero, equals = priceless. Yep, I know I now sound like I’m full of myself, but to me, all my images are priceless.

Most of these images have only been seen by a handful of people. Technically most of these photos suck, but I still rate them. Some have been framed, so I can look at them every day. The rest are stuck to the fridge or pinned to the wall above my desk. You probably have similar images around your place, right? Snapshots of pets and family members or favourite holiday destinations.

Up until the year 2000, I have dozens of photo albums filled with photos, snaps, memories. After 2000 I started shooting digital. I’ve taken more pictures in the last 10 years than I’ve shot in my entire life and yet the section on my wall, fridge and photo album that covers . . .

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Ep 295: Bring your photos to life with cinemagraphs
Ep 295: Bring your photos to life with cinemagraphs

Cinemagraphs are the new black. Bring your photos to life with this clever technique to bring subtle movement into your shot. We break it down step by step so that you’ll be creating cinemagraphs like a pro before you know it.

Gina and Valerie hope you enjoy the podcast.

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Julie Turley Photography

I needed some help today getting my Diet Coke open. Like Gina is to Nutella, I (Julie) am to Diet Coke. It was going to be a long day but it will be fine now. Thanks for . . .

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