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“Life is a daring adventure or nothing at all”

We’ve had some beautiful feedback from 2019 tour participants!

This has been such a transforming amazing experience. The choice of location was absolutely stunning, Gina a beautiful soul and an incredible inspiration who never tired of answering our questions. The other girls a unique blend of characters who harmonized in a way I never thought possible. To top it all off we were so lucky to got spoiled with fantastic food, drinks and knowledge by the awesome Carmel. I‘ll never forget it.

—Karin (Switzerland)

I put off writing this testimonial for months for fear of not doing the trip justice, as it’s literally been one of the best experiences of my life.

Before moving on to the photography side of things, imagine yourself in the most beautiful, authentic, hidden gems of locations with fantastic faces everywhere and hardly any tourists!

In addition to Gina, you are looked after by an incredible hostess, Carmel Ruggeri. Carm will introduce you to the very best Sicilian food and wine, and people!

Now on to the photography. If you already listen to the podcast then you will know of Gina’s unique ability to explain complex techniques in the most straight forward and understandable ways. Well, imagine having the opportunity to work through the things that you are struggling with one on one with Gina, for a whole week! In Sicily! The biggest takeaways for me was learning to see and read light in various situations, manipulating portraits using off-camera flash and the importance in developing the confidence to approach strangers and ask to take their picture! My photography skills developed so much during my time with Gina and the other photographers on the workshop, and I would highly recommend this trip to anyone who is looking to really push their photography skills, and please don’t worry about what level you are at – the trip really did adapt to so many different levels and styles of learning. This experience was something that you cannot really put a price on. If you do book, my biggest advice would be to enjoy every single minute and if at all possible, take a couple of extra days at the end to really digest everything and put what you have learned in to practice on your own.. Enjoy!!

—Kim (Wales)

Wow, still on cloud 9 from the amazing week of accelerated learning from Gina ‘s Sicily 2019 Photography tour.

As a photographer it made me more confident in posing and direction, editing images, choosing locations, exposing for skin tones..the list goes on. But the real game-changer was learning of camera flash.

I met and learnt from other supportive photographers and of course Carmel Ruggeri from Sicilian food tours. She showcased the best of Sicilian food and wine and it was absolutely all delicious. Much gratitude to the Sicilian people for warm hospitality and patience with us when posing. A week never to forget!

Pauline (Australia)

I am so grateful I committed to Gina’s Sicily Photography Workshop. My instinct and gut were telling me I needed to be there. I was hoping it would be a catalyst in my photographic pursuits.

Gina’s ability to mentor, teach, and have a ball had me out of my comfort zone within no time at all – and that was a good thing. It was a safe and judgement-free space. Her desire to see us progress and get great shots were heartfelt and inspiring. Her capacity to work with us individually and as a group was exceptional. Not only did my photography go to new levels, my self-belief also soared, and I now have new paths to create.

Thank you, Gina, for your wisdom, knowledge and willingness to impart. It was an incredible experience that has been photographically-changing and life-altering.

—Kerri ( Australia)




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