Ep 322: The art of storytelling with nat geo photographer Ami Vitale

Meet Nat Geo photographer Ami Vitale, who has traveled to more than 100 countries, lived in mud huts and war zones, contracted malaria, was named by Instyle Magazine as on of fifty Badass Women alongside Jane Goodall, Christiane Amanpour and Ruth Bader Ginsburg.

Ep 321: Documentary photography with guest Ian Weldon

Hear from documentary photographer Ian Weldon. You’ll discover: How Ian developed his unique style; the moment his idol Martin Parr contacted him; Internal vs external motivation and more.

Ep 320: Candid family and commercial photography with guest Rowena Meadows

We catch up with Rowena Meadows to chat about candid family and commercial photography. We cover: dealing with rapid success; the transition from family portraits to commercial advertising; her thought process for capturing beauty in the ordinary; how she works with her families and commercial clients.

Ep 319: Splash photography, and Photoshop 2021 update review

In addition to a quick review of the new features in Photoshop, you’ll discover how to make a splash in this episode with splash photography. That means capturing splashes, water droplets while they’re in motion and tips on whether you should use techniques involving flash or shutter speed or both.

Ep 318: How to shoot authentic and meaningful photographs with guest Angela Percival

We talk to outdoor and adventure photographer Angela Percival. Angela is a completely self-taught who has gone on adventures that most of us only watch in movies or read about in adventure magazines. She once convinced her crew to sail the coast of Greenland when they couldn’t find a boat from Iceland and she has bike-packed 750km through Northern India, truly experiencing the isolated corners of the Himalaya.

Ep 317: Personal portrait projects with guest Scott McAulay

Your personal projects can lead to bigger opportunities. We talk to photographer Scott McAulay on how personal projects have impacted his own photographic practice.
man with sheep on shoulders standing in front of donkey

Ep 316: How to pose, direct, light and compose candid, natural-looking portraits

How do you achieve that candid, natural shot that looks like you’ve just walked past and captured the perfect moment. We don’t recommend the spray and pray approach. It only takes a bit of thought and some smart techniques to create wow-worthy shots that people love.

Ep 315: Street, travel and mobile phone tips with guest Mark Hemmings

The one camera you always leave the house with is your smartphone. So this week we’re exploring street, travel and mobile phone tips with guest Mark Hemmings. Mark is a professional advertising, travel, street and iPhone photographer, as well as a photographic educator.

Ep 314: What are the best backgrounds for portraits

The background you choose for your portrait shoot can make or break an image. The right background can isolate your model, making them the hero of the shot or give valuable information to help tell the story you want to tell. Great backgrounds have the power to elevate your portrait to look high end and expensive.

Ep 313: Seven portrait lighting tricks using daylight or flash for beginners and pros

With so many different camera lenses on the market, it can be daunting to determine where to invest your cash. What size should you get? Which lenses are suitable for what purposes? There is an endless list of questions but, in this episode, you’ll discover everything you need to know about lenses – no matter what level you’re at.
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