Ep 107 Photography trends for 2017 and how to achieve them


It’s been a big year so far but we’re predicting an even bigger one for 2017. And there are some clear trends emerging in photography styles and imagery.

In this episode, Gina and Valerie discuss the big trends for the coming year and what you need to do if you want to stay relevant and on point. From “authentic” images to echoes of nostalgia – and everything in between, you’ll discover the steps you can take to ensure your style stays unique to you – but can also adapt to what the market is looking for if you need to.

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Show notes

Shout outs

Kristi Louise Herd‎
I was in London at the weekend when I passed a Vietnamese Restaurant and caught these shots on my Sony A5000 (my go to camera when taking short trips). I think that is rice boiling away. I love the whole atmosphere and would love to capture more shoots like these.

Chefs cooking through a rainy window
Above: Image by Kristi Louise Herd

Beth Lacelle Alexander‎

Above: Image by Beth Lacelle Alexander‎

Best day ever! Playing with the kids in the snow and photographing snowflakes!❤️

Beth also asks:
Need some advice on individual prints requests! I have had some requests for my snowflake images but i really don’t know how to price for that? It’s not like i was hired to do a job! . Is there some type of formula I could use to calculate what i should charge outside of the print and/or framing costs? Any advice would really help.

The paper is free and so are the materials

The cost of the image is based on:

  • The image did not take 10 mins to shoot
  • It took (# of years you have been shooting)
  • Plus every book, blog, video, podcast you have studied over the years to learn those techniques
  • Your unique vision
  • Anything in life that we value we pay for
  • If you don’t value what you do, nobody else will
  • You are selling your skill and vision it does not compare with a shitty image from Walmart

What are the photography trends for 2017 and how to achieve them.

2016 was a year of uncertainty in politics. Wariness about news sources and distrust in general.

Authenticity is the new black

2017 is an attempt to counter all the shite that went down.

We’re going to see:

  • Authenticity
  • Simplicity
  • Back to nature
  • Back to basics
  • 90s revival (think Herb Ritts, Maplethorpe,)
  • Studio photography is OVER (hardly shot in a studio last year)
  • Street photography is mainstream
  • Black and white
  • Flash photography
  • Film/polaroid look
  • Patterns are making a comeback

This replaces:

  • Staged images
  • The walking shot from behind
  • Fake emotion
  • Instagram filters

So we’ll see more of:


  • Real life scenarios
  • Day in the life
  • Unposed
  • Women caring more about what they do rather than what they look like
  • Polaroid style images of the 90s as more and more millennials take on marketing roles in business
  • Messy
  • Warts and all style of shooting
  • Tech and lifestyle
  • Softer
  • Movement
  • Less polished almost enthusiast feel
  • Images capturing in the moment
  • Back to the good ol days/nostalgia (books made of paper, gardening, families eating together)

Key factors

  • Unposed
  • In the moment (lens flare)
  • Movement
  • Wide angle
  • Foreground elements

Film is going to be even bigger

  • What’s more authentic than shooting with film?
  • No chimping
  • In the moment
  • Raw

Where to Find Film for Your Old Camera

Raw flash photography
90s look, edgy, grungy, raw, flash on camera look

Black and white
So much bad photography with bad Instagram filters out there, the trend is black and white.
When you shoot black and white it’s all about the subject.

For good black and white:

  1. Shoot RAW
  2. High contrast,
  3. Shapes and textures.


Bust out the wallpaper

Green is the new black

  • Colour trends are natural
  • Green is big
  • So too are rustic, earthy tones
  • Also primary colours will be big
  • In tricky times society goes back to safe colours red, green, blue

Clear bottles
Easily readable ingredients

#ginachallenge #authenticity

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