Ep 125 Snapshot: listener questions and shooting in tight spaces

In this “Snapshot” minisode, Gina and Valerie provide photo critiques for Brad, help Matt out with his dilemma of shooting in a small space, and discuss Chris’s foray into film – and his stunning results.

Hope you enjoy the podcast.
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Show notes

You’ll find Gina and Valerie’s comments and feedback to the following listener questions in the episode.

Brad Schulz says:
A couple of pics from a photo shoot I did over the weekend. These 2 are probably my favourite. Feel free to offer any CC.
Shot with a Fuji XT1 and 56mm 1.2

Above: Image Brad Schulz


Above: Image Brad Schulz

Gina Milicia if you can also comment on what I should have done when I realized I not only forgot  my extension cords to line the lights up like I planned but also this space I was shooting in was very small and I really didn’t have room to pull him away from the background enough for my initial intent”

Image by Matt Zahn
Images by Matt Zahn


Images by Matt Zahn


Above: Image by Matt Zahn


Chris Somos


Barrett #001
Toronto-based model Barrett (@barrett_john_lucak on IG) sitting for a portraiture workshop at The Production Studio.#

Shot on expired Kodak Tri-X 400 120 film with a Mamiya RB67 Pro S & 90mm lens. Again more experimentation with a hybrid film/digital process.

Usually, I make silver prints from B&W negatives and scan the prints but this negative has some bend marks from the development process so I decided to scan and process in photoshop where I could remove the bend marks. Shooting for scanning seems like it needs a denser negative as the shadows seem to very challenging for the scanner, an Imacon Flextight 949, showing considerable banding and noise.

To follow me on my photographic journey check out my blog at www.correctlyexposed.blogspot.ca.

Strobist Info: Softbox camera left nearly parallel with the subject, just above eye level and reflector on the right. No background light.

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