Ep 128 It’s all in the planning! How to avoid photo fails

Photography can be unpredictable. And when you’re shooting, anything can happen – good and bad. Sometimes, life throws you curve balls and you find yourself with a damaged lens, cyclonic conditions or any number of unforeseen circumstances which make shooting a big challenge. So that’s where a bit of planning can go a long way to avoiding a whole series of epic photo fails.

Gina and Valerie discuss what you can do to ensure you’re prepared for every scenario.

Hope you enjoy the podcast.

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Show notes

What Valerie’s been obsessed with:


From Andrew Deagle:

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Photo critique:

Above: Image by ken Bergmann

How to avoid disaster on a photo shoot

Listener question inspired this topic from Kevin

Hey Gina, hope all is well. I have an idea for a topic for the podcast.

Disaster and how to survive it.

You are preparing for a portrait shoot, you have everything set up, and subtly your lens dies. How do you make do with the one you have left?

Love the show.


Do you have a checklist?

  • Tick everything off before you leave
  • List all your gear
  • Card readers and cards formatted and ready to go
  • Cords and accessories
  • Batteries
  • Camera batteries charged
  • Always pack your bag in exactly the same order

Plan to fail and work backwards

A simple example of this would be to have backup gear

Shooting with flash

3 heads- what could you do if one flash stopped working?

Shooting an event

  • What if one of your cameras stopped working?
  • Wedding min 2 bodies and 2 lenses
  • Spare batteries
  • Spare lights

Fill flash

  • Shoot in a style that is fail proof
  • Test your camera at very high ISO so you feel comfortable doing this if your flash stops working
  • Build a little black book of contacts you can call on if you ever need a favour in an emergency

Wardrobe and Hair and MU malfunctions

  • Keep an emergency kit “just in case”
  • sewing kit
  • lint brush
  • bulldog clips
  • white sheet

Do a rehearsal shoot

  • This could be at home using a mannequin or friend
  • Plan your lighting out and take notes. This will speed up your shoot and increase your confidence

Always have a plan B

Develop a network of photographers you can call on if the caca hits the fan.

Keep a list of go-to poses on your phone

#ginachallenge #failproof

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