Ep 180: Best Photos of 2017

Gina and Valerie indulge in some champagne and wine while reviewing some of the best photographs of the year.

From National Geographic winners to hilarious wildlife photos, to some of the coolest shots from the podcast listener community, it’s all here.

Gina and Valerie love bringing this podcast to you.

Hope you enjoy the podcast.

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Listener Photos

Image by Dan Crowther

My favorite is this one I took of one of my blacksmithing students while she was examining the work she had done. Earlier that evening I noticed the light in the smithy was awesome so I had my camera out in between answering questions, giving tips and direction.

Image Natalie Finney‎


Image Valen Liew

Im using Sony A7rii and 2470 lens… One phottix indra put on face direction as main light and one put on camera side as fill light. One head light on top.

Image by Michele Iljazi

This is my beautiful puppy, Audri. Earlier in the year we lost our very beloved dog and we were devastated. We eventually decided to add a new pup to our family and as soon as we saw Audri, we knew she was perfect for us! This photo is from her first snow day and she loved it! It reminds me of how much fun we had that day and how Audri has helped me remember to not take anyone for granted, to appreciate these times together, and have fun while we can!


Image by Michael Kruger‎

A selfie taken on a quick break on a recent fashion shoot here in Dubai. The studio had a natural light element to it and late in the afternoon I couldn’t resist sticking myself in the shadows! A tripod, camera and timer came in handy to get the shot.

Image Gustavo Pizano
Image by Tom Harmon

Shot this image will assisting and getting behind the scenes images of a friend’s passion project. Addy Miller, of Walking Dead fame, is the model. Edited to emphasize the zombie look. Definitely took advantage of what I learned from Gina Milicia about garage lighting!

Image by Kcaarin Pineau
Image by Frank Romano

This is a shot I wanted to take from the moment I met Gary and his amazing family. Gary’s Meats at the Prahran Market is renowned for having the best quality meat in Melbourne. again thanks to my shooting partner Andrew Mac.

Image by Scott Stokhaug‎

A little composite work I did over the last couple of months. I apologize up front for the long winded post.

My son is a wrestler and every year a poster is created with the team schedule printed on it as well as advertising space for sponsors. For the past forever long the poster consisted of the guys, wearing singlets, arms crossed with a menacing look on their faces. It was just a tired look, IMO. So, last year I commandeered the poster responsibilities. I went with the ‘Reservoir Dogs’ pose. It was something different…and reaction was quite positive. Meanwhile, I plotted the next 3 years poster ideas.

I had my idea for this years poster planned out and even made plans with city officials to make it happen. But, the school is currently undergoing a LOT of modifications…$50M worth. One day about 3 months ago as I was driving by the school and I was looking at the construction…they were busy hanging steel to serve as a skeleton for the outer skin of the new building, the lightbulb went on. I wanted to recreate the 1932 RCA Building image with the iron workers eating lunch high above Manhattan. And I put the plan in motion.

First stop- Get permission to get on the roof of the current building to take images of the construction. I took those images on a cloudless, bright, sunshine filled afternoon at 11am. Next- Get the construction contractor to place a beam about 1 meter off the ground somewhere in the construction area and get the guys to sit on it for the second shot of the poster then mash em together.

Things didn’t go completely as planned…there was no steel left on site, it was all erected already. Obviously I couldn’t actually put the guys up on the steel for the photo. So, Another call was placed to the steel supplier to get permission to shoot in their yard. I asked them to place a beam on ‘horses’ about a meter off the ground and made arrangements to get the guys over there on a Wednesday afternoon after school. They were given a copy of the 1932 image and told “this is what we are doing, please come dressed accordingly”. (They were actually excited about the shoot given last years shot and did a nice job of acquiring their ‘costumes’ for this shoot)

The beam wasn’t long enough to accommodate 13 guys. Had to shoot 6 on the beam and then 7. I mashed those two images together. Then mashed em onto a background taken from the school roof. A little work in Capture One…A little work in photoshop….a little work in lightroom, and this is the final image. I intentionally left room around the image for calendar, sponsor acknowledgments and season schedule. The image will now go to a graphic arts student at the school for those additions.

This is the result of my work over the past few months. Thanks for looking.

Image by Ky Hanson


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