Ep 200: Gina and Val’s most valuable lessons in photography

They said we’d never make it. But we got here! 200 episodes – so the champagne is flowing and we’re celebrating. Big thanks to all our listeners, we couldn’t have reached this milestone without you. We’re also celebrating the photography from Harry and Meghan’s Royal Wedding. Gina and Valerie also share the most valuable lessons they’ve learnt in photography.

Gina and Valerie love bringing this podcast to you.

Hope you enjoy the podcast.

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Show Notes

Gina’s visit to the Camera Clinic Visit. This information may save you $1000s

  • USB port is where you connect your cable to download images off your camera or to tether while shooting
  • USB port in most cameras is connected to the motherboard
  • It’s held in place by a couple of flimsy bits of solder
  • Knocking, repeated use will eventually break it
  • If it is from a model that’s attached to the motherboard the repair can be several thousand dollars

How to avoid damaging USB port

  • Download files via card reader not USB
  • Try remote capture but it’s kinda shite/unstable
  • When tethering tie a loop around the cord and tripod to avoid any mishaps
  • Use a tether tools jerkstopper
Above: Jerk stopper camera support


Harry and Meghan’s Royal Wedding

Image by Alexi Lubomirski



Image by Mario Testino


Image by Alexi Lubomirski


Image by Mario Testino


Image Mario Testino (Left)                                                                     Image by Alexi Lubomirski (Right)


Image by Mario Testino


Image by Mario Testino


Image by Mario by Testino


Image by Mario Testino

Valerie’s Camera

This is the camera Valerie unearthed when she finally opened the boxes she packed her stuff in after moving three years ago.

My most valuable lessons in photography


  1. Do the work so you can create from an intuitive space
  2. Believe in the destination but value the journey
  3. A great photo is about the giving and not the taking. The greater you give the more you get back


  1. It’s all about the lighting
  2. You don’t need the most expensive equipment
  3. With people, it’s all about the connection and the expression


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