Ep 204: How to turn your photography hobby into a six figure business with special guest Jeff Brown

We talk to Jeff Brown, an expert in marketing for photographers. In this interview we chat about: the importance of niching down as a photographer, the areas that most photographers waste time in; common mistakes photographers make using social media; why you should double or triple your prices; why you should think like a luxury brand; and we do a deep dive into Linkedin one of the most underused and best social media platforms for photographers.

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Show Notes

Shout out to: Danette Zak

The pics below are from when I first got my very first DSLR (Nikon D5300) and I just started listening to the podcast around 2015 (yes, I binge listened to get caught up). It was shot in Arizona at sunset with the sun behind my husband (I have no idea what i was thinking!). And one of the middle photos is from around 2016 in the Texas sun, with it behind me this time. The next middle one is from my first shoot in a studio of my makeup artist in 2016, because the model didn’t show up. And the last one is my favorite photo from my last shoot in April 2018. So, yeah, I constantly hear Gina and Valerie in my head when I shoot now. Thanks for a great podcast and keeping me on my toes guys! The knowledge you both share truly is GOLD!

Above: By Danette Zak


Above: By Danette Zak


Above: By Danette Zak


Above: By Danette Zak

Interview with Jeff Brown

Jeff Brown is a full time professional photographer and marketing consultant. He’s been a pro photographer running several six figure photography businesses.

Help PHOTOGRAPHERS to Build an Awesome Brand, Book More Clients and Make Lots More MONEY

In this interview we chat about:

  • The importance of niching down as a photographer
  • The areas that most photographers waste time in
  • The common mistakes photographers make using social media
  • The importance of quality social medias followers rather than quantity
  • Why you should double or triple your prices
  • The importance of thinking like a luxury brand
  • We do a deep dive into LinkedIn one of the most underused and best social media platforms for photographers
Above: Jeff Brown

From Jeff Brown:

I served for 9 years as a Royal Navy Photographer, a job that came with a great deal of responsibility, as well as photographing several members of the British Royal Family and heads of State.

Just eighteen months after leaving the forces I had a six-figure turnover wedding photography company and a successful commercial photography company. Plus, a separate school photography business with sixty nursery schools on our books.

Two years later we formed a Boudoir Makeover company with my Make-up Artist business partner Marissa Bennett, turning over 1,000 boudoir shoots per year.

How were we able to achieve so much in a short space of time, the answer is simple. Marketing.

Today a large proportion of my time is spent delivering FREE tips and advice to over 35,000 followers wordwide, helping fellow photographers build and awesome brand and market their businesses online.

I still run my wedding photography business, and write for Photoprenuer (New York) and I’m a partner in Successful Photography USA, I’m also an Ambassador for Marketing at the British Photography Awards and teach My Six Steps to Success Program to photographers around the world. I recently wrote a best-selling book on LinkedIn for Photographers and I’m now in the process of writing a second book on how to create a photography brand.

If you do have any questions simply drop me a message at info@focusonmarketing.co.uk or visit my website at www.focusonmarketing.co.uk

Website is www.focusonmarketing.co.uk

Facebook is www.facebook.com/focusonmarketing

You Tube is www.youtube.com/focusonmarketingthropton

LinkedIn is www.linkedin.com/in/jeffbrownphotographymarketing

Book on Amazon is https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B0795YY1K1

Private photography marketing group at https://www.facebook.com/groups/SuccessfulPhotograhersOnly/


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