Ep 87 The best DIY photography gadgets


We all love a good MacGyver effort. This episode is full of useful hacks that will help your photography – and which don’t cost a fortune. Many are made from simple materials you can get at home or your local hardware store.

From creating product boxes, to stunning backgrounds and clever dolly DIYs, Gina and Valerie dish all.

#ginachallenge #DIY

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Show notes


Thanks to Guillaume Corgnet for advising us on the Fosbury_Flop

Sean Saldan

Cat by Sean Saldan
Above: Shot by Sean Saldan

Raspberry (our little persian cat). This is the beginning part of her jumping in the air after her rubber toy mouse attached to a fishing rod. She looks like she is standing and posing but really she is launching into the air and twisting trying to catch the toy mouse. She sometimes gets mistaken for an Ewok from Star Wars. 1/320, f8, ISO 400, Two Yongnuo flashes bouncing off white ceiling using high speed sync. #ginachallenge #speed

Mike Hickman

Above: Shot by Mike Hickman
Above: Shot by Mike Hickman

Finally! A challenge that I knew I’d be able to complete this week.
#Winner! #horserace #GinaChallenge #Speed
Canon 6D
Sigma 70-200mm f/2.8 EX APO DG OS HSM with Sigma 2X Teleconverter EX APO DG 1/2500

Andrew McNamara

Ice hockey 1 Andrew McNamara

Above: Shot by Andrew McNamara
Above: Shot by Andrew McNamara

I was so excited when this week’s podcast started playing and it was all about SPEED! I was on my way to the rink to shoot the big derby between the two Melbourne teams so it was right up my Alley and timed very well. The challenge lays with both the arena and the sport. Ice hockey is a very quick game and the lights in the arena vary all across the ice. Add to that you are also shooting through glass which can sometimes leave a haze over your image from the wall behind you, ruining many a hero shot! Both images are shot on Tv mode 1/500, f2.8, ISO2000 with compensation at +1.5
‪#‎ginachallenge‬ ‪#‎speed‬


Heather Humphrey

Above: Shot by Heather Humphrey
Above: Shot by Heather Humphrey

This one loves the water and running with his boys!
#ginachallenge #speed

Marti Hitchings

Above: Shot by Marti Hitchings
Above: Shot by Marti Hitchings

For #ginachallenge #speed – and in celebration of the Olympic events, here is a swimming image from a USA Swimming club meet earlier this year. Shot on Canon 70d with 70-200mm lens at 150mm. F2.8 1/640 iso 640. Cc always welcome.

Mike Eisman‎

Above by Mike Eisman‎
Above by Mike Eisman‎

High School baseball! ‪#‎ginachallenge‬ ‪#‎speed‬

Michael Goh
Flop – mine has a valve sensor, but I used to do it manually.

Above: image by Michael Goh
Above: image by Michael Goh

The best DIY Photography gadgets

Cool Macgyver idea to shoot low & stable if tripod adds too much height. (Thanks Brian Becnel for this link):

How a frying pan can help you take photos and videos from super low angles

DIY PVC table/skater dolly for video photography

Steady Your Camera with This $20 PVC Shoulder Mount

DIY Camera Bag from a Purse!

How To Organize Your Photography Backdrops

How To: 8 DIY Lighting Accessories You Can Make

The use of gobos in your images, love the shadows they cast on the model and background

How to Make Hazy Photo Sandwich Bag Trick

You Can Use a Flat Screen TV as a Cheap and Simple Backdrop for Product Photos

How To: 8 DIY Lighting Accessories You Can Make

11 DIY Photography Equipment Hacks

Hack Your Reflector By Cutting a Hole in the Middle

9 DIY camera filters

#ginachallenge #DIY

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