Ep 88 How to overcome fear and self doubt and thrive as a photographer


No matter how experienced you are, it can be easy to suffer from fear and self-doubt. So how do you overcome this and get the confidence to truly believe in your photography?

In this episode, Gina and Valerie discuss practical strategies that can help you overcome fear and self-doubt so that you can shoot with confidence.

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Show notes

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Listener Shoutout

From Ari in Helsinki

Hello Gina, I needed to send you this thank you note related to the “so you want to be a photographer” podcast I have been listening recently. I used to listen to many photography podcasts during past years, some of them useful and entertaining, but yours and Valerie’s podcast is the best for me. The concept of a journalist and a photographer discussing together is great. I also work with journalists and it is always very symbiotic relationship Somehow the topics have been also just perfect for me. I have only listened until the 7th podcast and looking forward to the rest. Today I enjoyed the psychology point of view to photography. I have been wondering about some of those scenarios when not sure how to please/deal with certain clients and your speculation about the topic has been very helpful and refreshing. Keep going Gina and Valerie, thanks for sharing your wealth of experience with your likeable voices.


The creative process

This is going to be awesome
This is hard
This sucks
I suck
This might be okay
This is awesome

Self-doubt is a good thing. It means you are self-aware. Being able to look at your work constructively and see areas for improvement means you are constantly growing as an artist.

The problem is letting your fear take over and stop you from sharing your art with the world.

The ways we doubt ourselves:

  1. I’m not good enough
  2. Imposter Syndrome
  3. It’s all be done before. I’m not original enough
  4. Art isn’t a real job
  5. The Gap – My work never looks like the work I want it to be

Information is power: How to deal with self-doubt

  1. How the brain works or The Lion King Protocol
  2. Fear and self-doubt is a story we tell ourselves.
  3. The stories we tell ourselves.

Ways to improve your self-confidence

  1. Recognise the mean girls and boys that live in our heads are just that.
  2. Doing one thing towards your goal means you are a success
  3. Get comfortable with rejection
  4. Garbage in = garbage out
  5. Rip off the band-aid in one go
  6. Focus on “why” not ‘how”
  7. If all else fails go out and shoot.

Resources: Books, podcasts and blogs

Bravery & Authenticity in a Digital World /w Brené Brown | Chase Jarvis

Steal Like an Artist Austin Kleon

21 Proven Ways to Overcome Imposter Syndrome

#ginachallenge #justdidit

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