Ep 99 Snapshot: How to communicate effectively as a photographer


In this “minisode”, Gina and Valerie talk about how to communicate effectively as a photographer. There is an art to creating a rapport with your model. And that applies whether you are shooting a supermodel, your neighbour, business people, family, school kids – anyone! When you do the right things to communicate effectively, you get better shots. it’s that simple.

Gina has mastered the art of bonding with her subjects, whether she’s dealing with an A-list celebrity, a CEO, an octogenarian or the girl next door. She reveals her top 7 tips so you can too. #ginachallenge

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Top 7 ways to communicate more effectively with your models

Gina’s definition of model: Anyone with a pulse, a mother and a name
Posing and directing portraits is the one thing most photographers struggle with.

Here are my top 7 ways to communicate effectively with your model and nail the shot

1. Introduce yourself immediately.

  • People will decide if they like you or not within the first three minutes of meeting you.
  • Don’t give your model a reason to dislike you.
  • Introduce yourself immediately.
  • If you are busy with another model, take a second to quickly say hello, let them know you’re excited to be photographing them and looking forward to getting great shots.
  • Introduce yourself and all members of your team. Make eye contact and smile and be confident (even if you are not feeling it)
  • Many photographers botch the first meeting and this is the best opportunity to develop a rapport.

2. Take a few mins (the longer the better) to engage in light chit chat

  • If you know the person you are photographing do some research
  • Do they have children, what do they do for a job, hobbies etc
  • If you don’t know them ( a stranger) comment on the city, the weather, their dog, anything.

3. Speak clearly and confidently and loud enough for them to hear you.

  • Don’t mumble

4. Show them and tell them what you want them to do and why

  • “I’m going to ask you to stand here because the light is beautiful here and the blue background makes your eyes look amazing.”
  • “I’d like you to stand like this because it makes you look stronger, it’s more flattering or it’s really cool.”

5. Use verbal, not visual cues

6. Keep talking, praise and encourage.

  • Ignore the mistake, notice and acknowledge the good.

7. Tell your model what you are doing

  • I’m going to shoot about 10 frames
  • I’m just checking my shots now
  • I’m just tweaking my lights

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