Lightroom Presets Powerpack

The Power Pack

It’s never been easier to transform your images with just one click with the awesome Power Pack of Lightroom presets.

It’s never been easier to transform your images with just one click using this awesome Power Pack of Lightroom Presets.

These have been created using Gina Milicia’s special Lightroom recipes and used on iconic images that have graced billboards, magazine covers, TV posters and much more.

If you’re a newbie to Lightroom, don’t worry. You can try it out on a 30-day free trial. Trust us, you’ll love it! It’s simple to use – and Gina will guide you in an easy-to-follow video on how to download and install these presets. So you can work magic with your photos straight away.

The entire Power Pack is only US$37


The Baby Blue Lightroom preset has been created to enhance blue tones and brighten skin tones in an image. It’s ideal for portraits and looks great in images where your subject is wearing blue clothing, has blue eyes or in a location with blue tones in the background.

It’s one of Gina’s classic portrait adjustments. She has used this preset for editorial and lifestyle shoots for major television networks, magazines and models portfolios.

(Lite and Heavy supplied.)


Covergirl is the Goldilocks of all Gina’s presets because the adjustments are not too heavy and not too light but just right.

This is the preset Gina uses for many of her commercial advertising clients and for editorial and cover shoots.


Cuban Cigar is a preset Gina created while she was in Cuba. It’s warm, gritty, sexy, grungy and loud – exactly how Gina sees the country in her mind’s eye!

If you’re feeling adventurous and want to make a statement try Cuban Cigar Heavy. If that’s too much for you, Gina has also created a softer version, Cuban Cigar Lite.

This preset is perfect for character portraits and also looks great on gritty street scenes or industrial locations and still life shots.

(Lite and Dark supplied.)


The Dirty Harry preset is tough, strong and in your face, just like the Clint Eastwood character it was named after.

This is a preset with attitude and works best for strong character portraits or portraits that ooze attitude and confidence.

(Lite and Dark supplied.)

5. JAPAN 1940

Whenever Gina travels to a new country, she has an image in her mind’s eye of how that country should look in photos.

When she visited Japan, Gina had a romantic image of 1940s Japan and that’s what forms the inspiration for her Japan 1940s Lightroom presets.

This preset is perfect for street photography and also works well for some portraits.

(Lite and Dark supplied.)


This preset has been specifically designed to enhance shadow detail in underexposed images. It’s a strong, grungy, gritty black and white preset perfect for street photography and in particular moody night shots or scenes that that are very dark.

Gina uses this preset for many of her travel lifestyle images and some editorial images.

(Lite and Dark supplied.)


Morning Light is a soft preset and was designed to mostly add colour tones into the shadows and highlights of a portrait. This preset tweaks skin tones only slightly so is perfect for portraits that you only want to adjust ever so slightly.

Morning Light 3am will add blue tones to the image.

Morning Light 7am adds warm tones to the image.

This preset is perfect for moody shots that just need a little edge. Gina uses it for editorial shoots, models portfolios and musicians.

(3am and 7am supplied.)


Gina created Muscle Beach to add contrast, definition and warmth to an image so it’s perfect for lifestyle body shots and creating edgier looking portraits.

This gritty, grungy look has been one of Gina’s ‘go to’ presets for many of her television promotional and marketing shoots and is one of her favourite styles.


Gina loves Nutella more than anything. In fact, she loves it so much, she created a preset in honour of her favorite chocolatey snack.

Nutella is a preset that captures all the things we love about chocolate. It’s warm, smooth and makes you happy. The bonus with this preset is that it’s 100% fat free!

This preset has been designed to add warmth and edge to black and white images. This is one of Gina’s favourite presets for travel, lifestyle and street photography.

(Lite and Dark supplied.)


The Sicily preset has been designed to capture the Sicily that Gina knows and loves. It’s warm, gritty, grungy, nostalgic and a bit rough around the edges.

This preset will bring back detail in highlights and also open up shadow tones and increase contrast in the midtones of an image. It will also add warmth and grain to your images to give them an old school film look.

This preset is perfect for creating retro-style interior shots and grungy street scenes. Gina loves to use this preset for many of her lifestyle travel shots.

(Lite and Heavy supplied.)

11. SUMMER OF ’76

Gina was inspired to create this series by images of her mum and dad in the 70s. The photos always look slightly soft and dreamy with a warm desaturated glow.

Gina uses these presets when she wants to create a nostalgic feel to her images. They are also soft and pretty so are perfect for model folios, senior shoots or couples shoots.

(Lite and Dark supplied.)


This is by far Gina’s grungiest, edgiest and toughest in-your-face preset. It’s big and it’s loud and makes your images stand out.

This preset will give definition and edge to every single pore and line in your model’s face or enhance every detail in your street photography, so it’s probably best you don’t use it for sweet Aunty Joan’s 50th birthday portrait.

Gina has used this preset and its variations for many of her television and editorial promotional shoots.

(Lite and Heavy supplied.)


The Goldilocks preset is a not too heavy, not too light preset for the times you’re looking for something that’s juuuuussssssst riiiigggghhhht

Goldilocks Lite was created for to brighten skin tones and make them pop.

Goldilocks Soft was created to brighten and soften skin tones slightly.

Use these presets as a starting point and then adjust the exposure, shadow, clarity and black sliders to suit your own images.


Want your cloud shots to look sexier?

*cue saxophone music*

Gina created this Lightroom brush preset which will bring out the texture and tone of clouds, or anything that’s white and fluffy (it also works on polar bears and white kitty cats).

This is a brush preset that you can use in the Develop Module with your adjustment brush. The really cool thing about brush presets is that they only target the area you use the brush on.


The Moroccan Vintage Presets have been designed to create an old school vintage camera look. It’s a bit grainy, with light leaks and shadows just like the image was photographed with a 1950s film camera.

All images are slightly different so feel free to tweak exposure, contrast, shadows, whites and clarity to suit your image.


Gina was inspired by the rustic street scenes on a trip to Cuba to create the Cuban Spotlight Preset.

This preset is great for bringing out the detail in slightly underexposed images or moody images of dusk or dawn scenes.

Every image will have slightly different tonal value, so feel free to tweak the shadow, black, white and clarity sliders to best suit your image.

The entire Power Pack is only US$37.  What are you waiting for?


What software do I need to use these presets?
These presets will work on Lightroom 4, Lightroom 5, Lightroom 6 and Lightroom CC. If you don’t own a copy of Lightroom you can download a free 30 day trial here

What files are supported?
These presets will work with RAW, Jpeg and TIFF files. For best results, always shoot in RAW.

How do I install the presets?

  1. Download the presets onto your computer and store them in a separate folder. Make a backup copy onto an external drive for safekeeping.
  2. Your files will be downloaded as zip files. To decompress (unzip) a file or folder on a Mac, double-click it. To open a zipped file on a PC, right-click and select Extract All.
  3. Startup Lightroom and click on Lightroom> Edit on a PC or Lightroom> Preferences on a Mac. Both are located on the top left corner.
  4. A new screen will come up. Click on Presets tab.
  5. Click Show Lightroom Presets Folder.
  6. Go to Lightroom> Develop Presets folder
  7. Copy your new presets into the “Develop Presets” folder.
  8. That’s it. You are now ready to start using the presets. If you had Lightroom running
    while you were copying presets into the folder you will need to quit out of Lightroom
    and restart it again before you can use the presets.

How easy are these presets to use? Do I need a Science degree or MENSA membership before I try them?
These presets are one-click wonders. Just import the image you’d like to transform, click on the preset and that’s it!

Can I change the presets?
Yep! Go nuts. The great thing about these presets is you can tweak them by adjusting the sliders to whatever look you want. Use my presets as a starting point and adjust them to suit the look you want.