Ep 143: Bad habits every photographer should ditch today – do you make them?

Over time, we can slip into some bad habits. Photography bad habits that is. And they can hold us back. In this episode, Gina and Valerie discuss some bad habits and how to get over them. Do you recognise any in yourself?

Gina and Valerie love bringing this podcast to you.

Hope you enjoy the podcast.

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Show notes

Bad habit: Take vs make a photo

Bad habit: Shooting on auto

Bad habit: Shooting on auto pilot

Taking snaps without planning or pre visualising

  • Get involved, move stuff, make stuff look good
  • Direct models
  • Work on emotions
  • Move bins
  • Fix clothes
  • Style
  • Add props

Bad habit: Poor file naming protocol

Job name +Year+ File number

Rex17_243.jpg  vs zxc12346.jpg

Bad habit: Shooting in JPEG

  • When you shoot in jpeg the camera is processing your file
  • The camera sharpens,adds contrast,WB
  • Jpg is also much smaller Bit depth

For math geeks: Great blog post by Michael Gray – Taking a byte out of bit depth – Jpeg vs. RAW

RAW = 68.7 billion colours possible

JPG= 16.7 million

Lightroom was specifically designed as a RAW image processor.

Always shoot RAW and JPG.

Bad habit: Ignoring colour balance (Ep 68 Skin Deep: How to colour balance and expose skin tones)

  • Exposure is how light or dark your image is
  • White balance or color balance is about the colour cast of an image
  • An image with correct WB is all about achieving a white in the image that looks Neutral
  • If you shoot under flouro  lights with white balance set to daylight, the image will look green or magenta
  • If you set your WB to flouro the cast will be gone
  • If I shoot in a house with old school tungsten bulbs the light is very warm or has a yellow cast
  • If I change my WB setting to tungsten I’ll then have a more neutral image


When you are ready to step up a few notches or working for designers/magazines/art directors/ advertising agencies custom white balance gives a more accurate white balance

Photograph a mid grey card in the light you will be using. Set your WB to this setting for the remainder of the shoot.

Other bad habits:

  • Chimping
  • Settling for good enough
  • Sloppy composition
  • Only shooting paid work
  • Bagging other photographers
  • Being precious and self centred
  • Failing to plan
  • Focusing on money
  • Not taking responsibility for your actions
  • Shooting for likes or trying to cater to your market

#ginachallenge #badhabits

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